Hallmark Casino

Although it has no relation to the company that makes wonderful greeting cards, this place stands out enough that you may soon come to associate that name with it! They have been around forever, since 2006, before gambling online was even all that legal, and have been consistently hitting it out of the park ever since. They combine both Betsoft works and Rival Gaming for their slots, giving them one of the biggest and brightest catalogs on the entirety of the online gambling space. They also have a keen interest in giving you the latest and greatest games despite having been around longer than some of their players have been alive, continually updating things and keeping them interesting to bring in new audiences from all around.

If that weren't enough, they give you some of the best bonuses as a welcome for singing up, giving up 250% on your signup deposit, and $50 in free chips. This is alongside many other promotions they have going on all the time, including ones that are holiday themed and otherwise. You won't find anything wanting here, being a well rounded and packed experience with enough thrills and live deals to keep things forever fun and filled with things to do. They're a well known site for a reason, and the fact that they've been around for so long is a testament to the fine work they've done and all the things they have accomplished. We really love them above all else, and have been frequenting them for years, so we've seen how far they've come along the way!

The also offer some of the latest trends in online gambling for you to enjoy, such as Sports Betting and things of that nature. Tournaments, that, and all else will keep you on the site often, or if you choose, on one of the nicely made mobile apps for it. There's no better time to get into this site than now, and all you need to do is head over to see what it's all about!

Casino Software that's a Match Made in Heaven

Sites like these tend to pick one major software backer and focus in all on that. These are usually big names let Betsoft, Rival Gaming, Microgaming, and things of that nature. It's pretty rare for sites to have games from more than one developer, and if they do, it's usually from ones that aren't all that big being added together, or a big name alongside an iffy one that's meant to pad things out with new releases.

Here, they completely bucked the trend in all ways, serving up a nice marriage between gambling juggernaut Real Time Gaming and Betsoft! These are the competing companies for the biggest names in online Gambling. The only way to make this any better would be for them to have also added Saucify titles, which they haven't, but hey, we can dream!

Because of this, you'll find games from a variety of genres, and in all manner of spaces you normally wouldn't expect to go together. You can try things out for free if you want to give it a chance, and if you win or get free spins or free chips, they can be used across the full suite of their online gaming catalog. It's like logging into a service like HBO and Showtime and Netflix all put together in one. You really can't beat it, which is why they've been around and kicked for so long on the internet!

Casino Bookie Features!

This is a relatively new addition to the site, as it hasn't been all that common in online gambling until fairly recently either. Using this, if you're unfamiliar, you can bet on sporting events, which as you might expect, is known as Sports Betting. This is one of the most popular and prominent ways to gamble on the internet, being a far cry from anything you'll find anywhere else in how well it all meshes together with the rest of the site.

It's also one of the most fun things you can do with your earnings. We love that we can play all manner of games, and get free chips and bonuses, and then use some of that money to dabble in the online world of sports betting before we cash out. It's a nice change of pace from the slots we've been playing for years, and if you've been in this game as long as we have, you'll know how much something like that can mean!

Casino Slots of Limitless Number

One benefit that a site like this has over others of similar look and style is that because of the immense catalogs they have by bringing together Real Time Gaming and Betsoft, they have one of the largest and most diverse catalogs on the entire internet. You can get the best and brightest from both developers all in one place, and be able to play them to your heart's content on the same account.

Assuming you even bother to make an account, as you technically don't need to if you'd like to play. You can be all the rage on this site with the latest trends and raging slots from all over, all without having to go to separate sites to enjoy the games you want to play right now!

Casino Games of as Icing on the Cake

If the wonderful and vast catalog of slots was not enough, they also have a limitless supply of other online casino games to keep you interested! You play games with the best of Vegas's nice mix, all without having to travel to far or think about it. In an instant, you can be playing cards, going around with dice, and anything else you would expect to find in a casino. These are a nice compliment to the slots, and make for a nice change of pace if you get sick of them after a while, or are too afraid to try sports betting. These games also have the option for you to participate in tournaments and related things, which is a lot better than slots in some ways!

Don't misunderstand us, we still love slots of all kinds. They're are favorites, near and dear to our heart, and we'll never stop playing them if we at all have a choice. But, in a pinch, these games are really nice additions to round things out and make an overall varied and fun experience.

Experience Online Casino Games for Real Money!

Without this, there'd likely be no reason to stay around these sites for quite so long! This is where the real money is at, but also the greatest risks! Like all gambling sites worth have a coin, you can bet on here with real money, and with the bonuses you get from games and all else, win real money in really high amounts the longer you play them! You don't strictly have to bet on many games if you have no interest in this part of the site, and if you'd simply like to browse around doing things for free, you're more than welcome to. You don't even need an account! But you can jump into the real world of real money gambling at any point in your online journey here, which we think counts for a lot as many sites move towards free to play models and other things that get things further away from good old fashion gambling online.

Casino Promotions Handed Out on Holidays

There's always an occasion for a reward around here, which is part of the reason we love the site so much! You can play with your real money, and bolster it with all the rewards from promotions that go on all the time. Whether it's for a holiday or a tournament or to promote a new payment method, you will enjoy your time here because it's like a holiday any time you log into the site! You'll be given so many promotional rewards you won't know what hit you, and be continually surprised by how much any deposit you make on the site can get you in terms of winning and play time.

Online Casino Games Can Always Be Plaid for Free!

If you want to win with the big boys and girls you'll have to put down your real money there of course, but if you simply want a good time similar to an arcade experience we're used to seeing on mobile devices now, this site still has you covered! With titles that go all the way back to the early days of the online gambling scene thanks to Betsoft and Rival Gaming, you'll have plenty of opportunities here to try things out and simply enjoy the online world of gambling. Even if you don't want to do anything like gamble and would rather just enjoy the site in a free to play kind of way of that kind, it's still a lot of fun, and there are plenty of rewarding moments to be had.

We don't know if we could do this forever, as the allure of seeing how much money we could win is enough to make us jump in right now while writing this review, but if you're the type that just likes to watch and play, you're welcome to here! You don't even need to make an account for slots in most cases.

Casino Blog with Hallmark Quality Writers

This site has no affiliate to the brand, though if they did that'd certainly be something! Still, despite that, it's filled with plenty of nice moments on the news and blog section of the site that's penned by wonderful writers and doesn't at all feel cheap or like marketing fodder. You can see what's going to be happening seen, be kept in the know about various rewards and promotions that are going on, and be told about tournaments and the like as they are happening in real time. You don't need to watch it daily, as it doesn't update as often as Instagram, but it's still a nice thing to see in an era where stuff like this can be left by the wayside.

Casino App for Any Operating System

Any might be a stretch, but it definitely works on the big two between Android and iOS! You can play here without any real issues or shortcomings, experiencing the site in a true native format that we can see why some people prefer it to the online mobile browser experience. You will be able to have all of your information on your device at the ready if you play this way too, making it a convenient option if you've managed to put all that information in ahead of time to have at the ready for situations like this.

Between this and the online site, we think they both hold up very well, but have to admit that we have quite the soft spot for the online gambling version of the site that we can experience on the mobile apps that are available on the major app stores. We mostly tested the iPhone and iPad versions of things, but they all ran well, and our friends on Android devices said they ran about the same too. If you have an older device, this is probably your preferred way of playing, as the apps have a tendency to work better on older and more limited devices than the latest and greatest advances in web browser technology.

You can also play the site by going back and forth between the two, although we only did that to see if it'd actually work! Our pick is the mobile app for sure, and we think most people would likely feel the same too, sans some oddities with some of the popular sections featured on the site itself like the Sports Betting feature.

Accepts USA / Australia / Canada / Europe Players with Open Arms

Much like their namesake, this site is a great treat for people the world over! The major regions of the world are all covered here, and we have no idea what's going on with China, but doubt you guys can get access because that's what China tends to do. They don't even get YouTube to our knowledge, though you can probably slip around that in ways that would be similar to how you'd do that to be able to gamble on this site outside of your designated region.

You can also play internationally if you're the kind of person that jets around the world like a fancy pants, playing in one region and then picking up right where you left off at in another. It's mostly tied to your payment method, but you may also encounter region restrictions based on your current IP, which this site thankfully doesn't run into all that much given its international audience.

Tournaments Frequently Fly Around Here

The online casino games here tend to be the skill based sort that are fun to play with others. Because of that, the developers took the time to add a tournament feature right into the site, and took the liberty of adding in some goodies to go along with it! We participating in a few and had a really good run of things until we lost, then we were sad, which we imagine the other losers in the tournament were too. Still, it was fun, we won more than we lost, and thanks to things like leaderboards and the like, we have no real regrets about any of that as it happened.

You can get more information on tips and timing on things like the tournaments on the site if you head on over to the blogs and forum area of the site, which we found to be the best places to keep up to date with the latest goings on around a site like this with so much going on all the time at once!

Promiment Deposit Methods are Accepted

Since a site like this has been around forever, you'd expect them to have the most popular transaction methods here. And if you did, you'd be right! They forgo anything that's a little too out there or new, but they have the big ones that most people use, Bitcoin, and to us, that's all that matters. The full list of methods accepted at the time of this writing are: Bank Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer, Bitcoin/BTC, and good old MasterCard. We personally used Bitcoin, and that's largely because this site, like many of the rest, prefers that payment by far. Things happen faster in bitcoin, you get more bonuses in Bitcoin, and all manner of things that make it clear they're trying to get you to pay in Bitcoin!

Casino Payouts in Lightning Speed!

Particularly if you're one of our fellows in being a fan of Bitcoin, you can get all your money off of this site in no time flat. You don't need to spend any time here trying to figure out how to make your winnings find their way into your pocket, or anything obtuse of that nature. You will know immediately when your transfer request has been received, and be able to take your money out just as fast as your choice of method can process it. If you're doing crypto, that obviously happens as fast as the internet, but in our experience the other methods don't take all that much longer either if you're still on the fence about that sort of thing and don't need to take a bunch of risks on top of the big risk you're already taking in gambling on the internet.

Casino Forums Filled with Life

This is the sign of a nice and growing site! This site's been around before social media really took off, being in the business since 2006. They've been around for so long that BBS folks from the site are still there on the forums themselves, having formed meaningful relationships that span the entire globe at this point.

We found our time with these jaded slot going veterans to be helpful and fun, them being as warm and inviting as you would expect from people that sit around all day gambling and winning money with little effort on the internet. Making an account is easy, and playing around in the forums is even easier, so we recommend having an old school time of things and joining to see who else is playing on the site while you are!

Cash Out Quickly

Just as fast as the internet can move, you'll be flinging your money into your virtual wallet and having a nice day of it with a giant smile on your face while you went. You don't need to do anything fancy or complicated to claim your hard earned winnings. They are yours and this site clearly understand that. You can initiate a transfer just as quickly as you can get your information into the site, and it tends to process faster than the competition because a site like this has been around long enough to have good relationships with the payment processors that be. We love what they did here, and felt like it was one of the first time we really got heard when asking for our money to be there in a hurry.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments and Promotions We Love

Everyone nowadays is talking about Crypto all day long, and there's a really good reason for that! It's the best and brightest way to pay on the internet, which this site is trying to encourage by giving you a lot of incentive to make use of the service. From free spins to deposit bonuses and everything in between, you'll love using crypto on this site no matter who you are.

This even works in the native apps, though use usually can't use built in wallet management in those things, so it gets more awkward there. We recommend using the website when you want to make transactions and input information like this a little easier, as that's what we did and we feel we saved a lot of time in the process.

Casino Affiliate Program That's Professional

They value the players around here, and they put their money right there when you brag about them! Any time you happen to tell a friend and bring more people onto the site, there's an opportunity right there to make some extra money or get free stuff that's going to allow you to play for a little longer and go a little deeper into the online rabbit hole. You can go around here without any worries about getting the short end of the stick from being an unwitting marketer. They pay better than anyone around, which is probably part of the reason that they've grown so much and been around so long since 2006!

Play Without Registration in True Futuristic Style

We never thought we'd see the day when you could go to a site like this and be playing the games without even making an account! This is limited to a lot of the free to play offerings of course, and if you're looking to join in on the big hitters like tournaments you're out of luck, but you can still go to this site and have a lot of fun with it without spending undo time trying to get roped into something you're unsure of.

We recommend checking into the site right now and taking some time to look around, play some of the slots you're interested in by the wonderful Betsoft and Rival Gaming, and then letting it rip with all of that in mind. You can decide to make an account later once you already like the site and it's games, and won't miss out on a thing.

New Slots Added from Rival Gaming and Betsoft

Although their backlog is understandably immense, you can find all the new games from both of these big backers of the site being added just as fast as they're made! We see new ones drop all the time, bolstering their roster to be so large that it's honestly hard for us to keep track of it all and know what's going on. You won't have much going on here that you're not going to see added to any site that features games by these guys, but it seems to come to here first, so that's something to keep in mind. You can also go here knowing you'll get the best version of those games because they'll come with all the free spins and sign up bonuses and deposit bonuses you can imagine!

Live Dealer Casino with Real People

Real people, real money, really really fun! You can go into these things knowing you'll be sitting at a virtual table with other people just like you from all over the Western world, all gambling and fighting for the same online dollars that we all want to cash out into the hopeful and wonderful dreams and such we all live for.

You don't know how's going to be on the other end before you start, and you can go into any of these things with a smile on your face thanks to how it all comes together seamlessly and with ample protection. No weirdos, only great people and good times and tournaments! All in real time.

Casino Help is Top Notch

You won't see a standard here that's held by a big company by Amazon, but they clearly care about your money here, and are always friendly and more than willing to help no matter the time or hour or topic. We had no trouble sending a message their way and being guided around the hoops and loops of how this all works, with a lot of our time on the site spent contacting them at first to set us straight on how it all works.

Admittedly, most of your support time will be spent with them informing you that you simply made a mistake or didn't see a button, but they're nice about it and awfully patient! We'd likely lose it if we came to them with the things we asked of them.

Rewards for All Folks

Anyone that goes here and puts down some money is going to get a nice reward at some point. Some times they're just free spins and things of that nature, other times they're a little better like the deposit bonus. No matter what it is, however, you can go here knowing you're going to get something fun and unexpected in return! All of them are positive of course, they don't have negative rewards of the kind that you might see on a slot real.

If it's a major holiday too, you can expect to see lots of free chips going around to encourage you to try new things! This is easily one of our favorite things about the site, and we wouldn't compare or trade it for anything else.

Mobile Casino (iPad/Android/iPhone) is Loved Here

The site looks great on mobile, performs great in the native app, and they did a lot here to make sure no one felt left out or bothered about anything at all! We loved the way it ran and encountered no issues in all of our time on our iPhone and iPad and even threw in an Android tablet to give that a go to see how it went.

As you would expect, it went really well, and we had a really good time of it all around. They love the mobile world, and don't treat it as a second class citizen despite it being a site that's been around well before any of that mobile stuff made it's way into the site and rounds.