Mermaid's Palace Casino

The image of a Mermaid perfectly captures what this long going casino has to offer. At it since 2013, and before many people even realized we could gamble online, this place has brought together a lot of games from a variety of genres for a mish-mash worthy of calling it some kind of odd hybrid site, which is pretty much what a mermaid is, including being worth lots of money! This theme of variety and coming together permeates all aspects of the site, including the payment methods. It’s one of the brightest and cheerful places on the net to win money, and we enjoyed all the time we had with it.

Sites like these have something for everybody. If you’re interested in jumping into online slot games, they have you covered. If you’re looking to take bigger risks with sports betting and learn how the casino bookie system works, they got you there too. Live dealing is also in style here. You won’t find much here that you can’t play and enjoy, being some of the most varied gameplay we’ve ever seen.

If you have any payment method you can probably imagine and are from almost anywhere, you can roll up to the fine shores of this game and harpoon yourself some money!

Casino Slots are the Focus

Despite having a nice mix of other types of games, you’ll find here that slots are the bread and butter of what they have to offer players. That’s fine, as slots are the most popular games on the net, and some of the most exciting times we’ve ever had online as we played late into the night! They focus solely on Saucify here, which is also known as BetOnSoft. These games offer ample bonuses and lots to enjoy, having nice visuals and a lot of gameplay features to round out a fairly complete package.

You can easily spend all day just browsing the ever growing catalog, which is giant and as we’ll get to, ever growing. It’s among the nicest mix of slots we’ve ever seen, and we only see new ones being added all the time. If you’re a slot junkie like we are, this is definitely a nice place to jump into and swim around for a while!

Casino Games from All Over

Although slots are the focus as we’ve said, they also have everything you’ve ever remotely associated with gambling to go along with it. It’s a complete package, and the bonuses you get all the time from logging in and making deposits apply across anything you’d like to make on the site itself.

This was enough to encourage us to try new games and jump into new uncharted territory. We had all manner of fun doing things we would have otherwise shied away from, thanks in part to how well it all fits together and is to access from other portions of the site. If you like cards, roulette, betting on events, and anything at all, you’ll love this site, and will likely grow addicted like we did just looking around and seeing what you can do online when it comes to betting!

Casino Promotions as Far as the Eye Can See

Much like the ocean, this site’s filled with a vast and endless array of promotions that seem to come and go as often as the tides in the sea. They aren’t all the same, either. Some are your normal types of promotions to get new players started, such as up to $1000 on a deposit if you’re new to the site by doubling your money when you put it down. Others are different, and tend to be more holiday themed and things of that nature. It makes it a fun and compelling site to check back in on often for that reason, not being like many of the things you’ll see around the net, and seemingly changing along with the seasons in a way that’s playful and profitable.

Most Online Casino Games for Free!

A lot of games on this site may be new to many players, and they can understandably be hesitant to try them. Even for other players, there’s still a lot here on offer that they may want to test out first and figure out before putting their hard earned money down on a bet or a spin. They allow you to do just that, even forgoing betting entirely in favor of just watching the site dance and making some spins. Tournaments and things of that nature of course don’t apply here, but any site or game you can see on the site can likely be played for free as well, all without needing to make an account in some cases. It’s a play for fun style that we see more often now, and this site does it well across all of their impressive catalog.

Every Online Casino Games for Real Money!

Although the headlining feature here is that some games are free, you can of course play everything and anything on the site for real money. That’s why we’re all here, after all, and part of what elevates an otherwise stale slot into something more magnificent and interesting to look at. We always put at least a penny down when we play, and at most, lost a few dollars if we have a particularly bad run. You can bet as much or little as you’d like, with most games offering a variety of betting combinations to suit any budget or inclination.

The winnings are accordingly real, as you would expect!

Swimming with USA / Australia / Canada / Europe Players

Anyone across the seven seas and beyond can come and enjoy the games here! Many sites have understandable geographical restrictions in place that can be a chore to get around, and in many cases, you will be denied playing on a site if you’re from somewhere that isn’t in the same country as the ones making the game. Not so here, however! You can be almost anywhere and still get in a few spins from the comfort of your mobile device. All the major countries are covered, they’re adding in more all the time, and there aren’t many left that don’t find representation here! Your IP of course matters when it comes to this, but your bank account and payment method are the main limiting factors, as it’s pretty easy to get around that.

New Slots Wash in All the Time

Much like going across a sandy beach filled with ever mounding treasures, this site adds to the fun by offering you all manner of new games on a basis so frequent that we wonder if we’re going to drown in new slot machine games someday if we’re not careful! They already have quite the catalog on the site, and we don’t think we’d ever have time to go over them all in any way. This site, however, still manages to surprise us with quality new additions, all of them of course being backed by Saucify. It’s a nice change of pace to have your deposit able to be used on games that haven’t even come out yet, and it keeps logging in interesting for us just to see what we can see play by as we are going about our day.

Casino Software by Saucify

Also better known as BetOnSoft in some regions, Saucify is the software of choice across all the slots on this site. It provides some of the highest production values, best pay outs, and most compelling premises of gameplay you’re likely to see. Some of them almost feel like full blown video games that we love to look at, while others are calmer and more relaxed ways of winning money online. The variety here is key, which Saucify is known for. Most providers don’t offer that, but you can see it in full force here across their ever growing catalog of games.

Casino Blog with Full Sails

A lot of sites with news and update sections like these only serve to let you know that the site’s been abandoned and there’s not much going on there. Not so here, however! You can tell the developers are actively playing and updating the site themselves, with frequent posts and all manner of jokes being shared any time you check in on it. We love the style of humor they at times interject here, and it’s also the best way to keep on top of what promotions and rewards are going on at any given time, as well as which ones are coming to a close. Although most people don’t use RSS readers and the like anymore, with any news app, you can add this site to the mix to be kept informed about what’s going on and what’s new in one of the best online slot sites on the net.

Hybrid Casino App

There are two main ways to play on this site, both of which we love. The first is of course the site itself, which works fine, and across any device you can throw at it. If you can access the internet, you can have a good time here. The other is downloading their tailor made casino app, which also has its perks as well. It offers an integrated experience with your mobile device, you can see everything in the optimal configuration for your viewing screen and resolution, and it all takes into account things like your data cutting in and out, and the internet being a hell of a thing sometimes when it comes to submitting a spin.

Most all features you’ll love on the main site found themselves swimming to shore here, being our preferred way to play these games on any device we used when testing out the site and brand.

Casino Bookie with High Stakes!

We haven’t dabbled too much in the online world of sports betting at the time of this writing, but we can definitely see this site potentially changing that! They take it all to a new level, acting as both a tutorial and entry point for newcomers as well as a nice place for jaded veterans to come and enjoy their stay. It taught us the ins and outs of how to bet on a line, and all the rewards and promotions you see going on will apply here too by virtue of using the money to place your bets. After they’ve been made, it all churns automatically, updating as the odds change, and all without any of your continued input being needed. It hands off the entire process to the site, and all you have to do is wait for your favorite game to be underway and cheer your heart out! A knowledge of sports is a plus, but they also tell you the odds on everything, so it’s not strictly necessary.

Casino Forums with Loving Fans

Everyone from the world over seems to have washed in here! You can see that from the forums on the site itself. It’s filled with wonderful and eclectic folks from every facet of life, all coming together to talk gambling, betting strategies, and share their latest tips. It’s our favorite part of the site, and one we use to figure the rest of it all out because we’re admittedly a little rusty when it comes to knowing how things work!

They also have plenty of people just getting to know each other here and talking about their lives and the latest TV shows, all of which are wonderful reasons for anyone to jump in and be a part of their ever growing community.

Big Tournaments with Big Winnings!

This was one of the first tournaments we have ever participated in, but it went off without a hitch in our book. The site handled all the logistics, the standings are all kept public and updated in real time, and there’s really nothing that goes wrong when you’re playing around here. It all happens with a speed and precision you’ll enjoy, and makes it easy to enter and evaluate a tournament after it’s already underway if you’d like.

We recommend jumping in the spectators stand and seeing them go on first before giving it a go and seeing if you’d like to participate yourself. It’s a lot easier to keep up in that way, and we found out how to play and some additional strategies that gave us a leg up just be sitting back and learning from the pros!

Completely Play Without Registration

Because all of us are in a hurry now, the developers have built a feature into the site that we quite enjoy, or rather failed to build in a necessary feature that most people hate! Even without making an account, if you just want to play for free, you can do so to your heart’s content. You can’t make real money on the site without putting down your real money and that of course requires an account, but everything else can be done and played on the site without any of that.

We recommend seeing all of what the site has to offer in this method first, and if you find something you like and went to jump in after, feel free to make an account then and there. You can’t of course go back and add in winnings to your account if you made it all without betting or making one, but you can pick up on the same screen if you’d like all without missing a beat.

Live Dealer Casino Across All Waters

This is a headlining feature here, having real games and live people playing with real stakes and lively results. We love the banter and fun that goes on in these sections of the site, and get hooked real quick whenever a new game starts. Some mobile apps don’t support this, but you can find out for yourself if yours does here, and it won’t take long.

Cash Out Without Feeling like a Fish Out of Water

There are no complicated restrictions or hoops to flip through like a jumping whale here! It’s all elegant and quick, and happens as fast as you can tell your bank you’d like them to accept some more money. You of course need to have bet and have an account to do this, but it happens so quick that it feels about the same as accessing it without needing an account. Depending on your payment and deposit method, your withdrawal can go a little slower if your bank is itself slow, but that’s true of anything online, and not the site’s fault.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments and Promotions to Enjoy!

As a bonus for using Crypto to pay and collect your winnings, you’ll be rewarded for that with more log in bonuses, better pay outs, and all manner of things that help the site grow and thrive as an experience. We loved all this, and did our best not to get too hooked once we figured out how crypto works! If you’re new to all this, there’s also a good guide to help you get your sea legs here.

Casino Help that Will Jump into the Water to Save You

Nothing here happens without someone nice there being ready to catch you! If you can’t figure something out, have an issue with a payment method, or almost anything, you can have a bright and friendly face talking to you within minutes and be set right on your way. It’s one of our favorite support experiences we’ve ever had, and although it’s no Amazon, it’s not at all bad by comparison!

Which Deposit Methods are Accepted?

Pretty much all of them! If you can buy something online you can pay and play here, mainly revolving around the big popular payment methods at the moment in addiction to Crypto of course: Bank Wire Transfer, Checks, EcoCard, MasterCard, Moneybookers, PayDirect, PaySafeCard, Reverse Withdrawal Request, Ukash, and good old Visa.

Casino Payouts Like Flapping Fins

A big worry everybody has when swimming up to any online gambling site is that their winnings might not come in very often, if at all! Since this site is backed by Saucify, however, you can know and sleep easy with the knowledge that it’s all real, it really works, and pays out really well. You have the standard rate of return here that you can expect anywhere Saucify games are found, only with above average bonuses and welcome incentives that you can then go on to use on the games you’re playing! It’s all great.

Swimming Casino Affiliate Program

We did not personally make much use of this program despite writing a review of the site here, but we looked over the terms quite a bit. After careful consideration, it’s all very fair, and makes you a free lance marketer for the site if you’d like to be kind enough to tell your friends what’s up with how you’ve been spending your time and growing your nest egg.

Rewards at Sea

Much like sailing itself, the rewards here are like gusts of wind that carry us along and keep us interested. Logging in and the like are the usual ones, but they also at times encourage you to try new games and modes of gambling and things like that. We love it, had a wonderful time with it, and wouldn’t have any of it any other way.

Holidays also influence things, so if it is the season to be happy year round, you should probably jump in here and see what’s going on for an easy way to get paid. Then, immediately put that money to good use by throwing it right back down on another set of slots or games!

A Yacht of a Mobile Casino (iPad/Android/iPhone)

Most of our time playing these games was across an Android phone and iPad, both of which worked just fine and we loved every minute of it. If you have a mobile device you enjoy, and it’s not from the year 2000, then it will for sure work with this site and any of its associated mobile apps. It’s a great way to play, and suitable for turning any odd moments you may have into a worthy investment into your future as a profitable online gambling mogul!