Sunset Slots Casino

If you like the image of laying back and letting the winnings and good times roll on over you as you grow wet with money and online gambling prowess, this is the site for you! Made by people that clearly love gambling on the internet, and backed by some of the best games and promotions you’ll ever find anywhere on the internet, this is one of the better online conglomerations of online casino gaming. What they lack in style in some parts of the site they more than make up for in substance. We walked away satisfied, wanting more, and think that anyone willing to make an account will have a blast. Even if you don’t, they’ll still let you play! It’s crazy fun and a crazy easy way to win money if you link it up to any of the many payment methods they accept. Of all the sites we review, this is easily one of the best of the bunch.

We can recommend it to people old and new to the online gambling space.

Beastly Casino Games

You can play all kinds of games here, but the casino ones are definitely our favorite! You can do more than just slots on this site, which is a nice touch. You can definitely play slots, but there’s so much on offer here that it’s hard not to dip your toe into new things for a while as you have fun with it all. We’d never even heard of some of the things you can do around here, but soon found ourselves hooked! It’s quite an experience, and one we imagine many sites will soon come to emulate based on how well done it happens here.

We had a blast just looking through the catalog of what you can play around here, feeling like kids in a candy store that were having a sugar rush, only made of money.

Best Casino Slots

These are the most prominently featured things on the site, and definitely some of the best! They have a hand culled area for these games, each with ratings and reviews right on the slots by fellow players so you know what you’re getting into. It’s a nice change of pace, and makes it all feel fresh for some reason.

The software that they use is great too. They have all the biggest players coming together to back your winnings, with everything from 3 reel games to 5 reel and all the rest. It’s a good time waiting to happen, all genres being represented, no holds barred on the amount of winnings you can get, and all of it still manages to be inviting and fun alongside that! It’s a sight to behind, and think they hit it out of the park on this one.

Leading Players in Casino Software

They don’t just have great games here. The software behind it all is amazing! We really love and thank Rival Gaming for all this, being some of the best paying slots around, with slick visuals and wonderful themes. The bonus rounds at times are full on video games from what you’re able to do, and it’s no wonder plenty of people spend a lot of time playing these games for free due to how fun they all are! We don’t know what we’d do without them, and are glad we found our way to this corner of the internet.

You won’t have to worry about the winnings or pay outs, either, thanks to all that. It’s all fair, fun, and goes a long way towards making your feel like a prince or princess as you’re happily winning in online casino games on the not, particularly those lucrative and fast paced slots!

Natively Accepts USA / Australia / Canada / Europe Players

We travel all over the world, and recommend casinos to people from just as many places. This one’s easy to recommend for that reason, as it accepts people from all over the world, no matter the region! There may indeed by a few locales that they don’t accept money from, but they are rare to the point of us being unable to identify them. If you’ve ever made an online purchase, you’re money in some fashion will be accepted here. If you’re looking to play for fun and not money, you know you’ll be accepted for sure, as they excel at this and do it all the time! You can definitely play from all over for free, and we think the grand majority of players will be able to lay down a big bet too.

New Slots Updated All the Time

It’s one thing to have a nice collection of online casino games, but it’s another to keep adding slots onto the pile and having a good time with that! This site manages a good mix of both, letting players do a great job of going back all the time and finding new things. Every time we log in we’re actually surprised to find new things added! Or at least that’s what it feels like.

You can play your favorites and they will always be there for sure, but you can also find many new games being added to the lineup all the time.

Big Casino Promotions

You can get all manner of ‘winnings’ just for making an account! We’re almost not sure how to thank them for making all of this possible. You can expect the usual things, including an up to $500 bonus on the first 3 deposits, great casino coupons to use, sign up bonuses given all the year round, deposit bonuses for new players and old, no deposit bonus for people playing for free, free spins awarded regularly, free chips to bet, holiday bonuses and promotions which help us all do things like ring in the holiday season, reload bonuses to make the money into your account fresh and free, and cashback promotions for when you want to put things in your bank and get definitively paid.

Something is always going on, and you can check back regularly to be sure about it! It’s a lot of fun just to go to the site.

Enjoy Many Online Casino Games for Free!

If you play for keeps, you’ll want to keep money going on the table when you spin. If you’d like to enjoy the games themselves as if they were a video game, however, you can do that too! No worries or risk, just good times and good fun made in the company of really good slots online. We personally try all games we can for free before laying down money. Unless we’re on a roll, in which case we let it all ride!

Play Online Casino Games for Real Money!

This is the main draw for most players we imagine, and we don’t blame them! Getting cash money in your hands is a lovely part of playing these games online. You can make your money work for you as well, having a lot of earnings coming your way from your many promotional bonuses, having an untold number of multipliers happen with your deposits, and things like that. That all translates into free money just for putting down any money, so you may as well give it a try because a lot of they money is coming from other people online! It’s almost too good to be true.

Great Tournaments

Much like a wonderful game of Mario Kart played en mass with people from all over the world, the modern casino games on a site like this let you compete with and enjoy the company of other players. You won’t find a day of the week where there isn’t likely to be at least something going on, which makes it a joy just to log in to see if you have a chance to compete. You need to obviously be there at the time to play with other players, but aside from that nuisance of modern adult life, it’s great!

These happen with many of the games you’ll see on the site, not just the usual suspects. We personally find more fun in cards when they’re played with other people, and this site seems to agree! Lay down with the best of them and take their money quite easily if you have a skill with a good hand. Or, learn from the best to improve your winnings and would might be. It’s all up to you, and we look forward to seeing you out there on the tournament ladder!

More Than Decent Casino Payouts

The main worry we imagine most people have in playing these kinds of games is whether or not the winnings are real, and you’ll really get paid. You can go into this knowing that we really did win a bunch of money here, and we know we’re not the only ones! It’s all real, which makes it all really fun the more you put into it. The normal chance of winning in online games applies here we’re sure, but we almost felt it was more than the other sites we go to. We may have just had a good run, we’re not sure, but we did pretty well for ourselves if we can be forgiven for bragging! We’d say it was all skill, but we stuck mostly to slots, so our luck was riding high that week when we spent time here.

Fair Rewards

Most sites now give you some kind of bonus when you go to it. This site’s no different, mainly offering you with many additional bonuses as a reward and favor for being a good player. We got around 6 of these within a month while going to the site, though the rewards themselves will vary a lot according to the season. We recommend going in around any holiday, even the non major ones, as they seem to coincide with what’s hot and going on here. You almost feel like you’re being blessed by attending the site, as it feels really nice to be acknowledged and appreciated to the tune of so much money coming your way for seemingly doing nothing!

Epic Mobile Casino (iPad/Android/iPhone)

Most people still likely play this game from a normal web browser, and the site certainly works fine there. For everyone else, however, like ourselves, we all use mobile devices. In our play time, all were supported, across the full spectrum of the latest and oldest tablets and phones we tried. If you can access the internet, you can access this place, and win big!

Great Online Casino App

We prefer tailored experiences across all of our devices, in particular our phones. We don’t like pinching and zooming and going around on websites as if we’re seeing what it’d be like to have the world’s smallest monitor. We can do a lot better, and here, we found they did just that! You can play things with a native made app from your app store if it’s supported, and in most cases it will be.

Spin Immediately Without Registration

If you’re looking to get in on the action quickly and our as impatient as us, then be happy to know the developers heard our cries! With most things across the entire site and on the apps to our knowledge, you can play these games without a second thought, other than picking which one you’d like to play. There’s no registration required, no hoops to jump through, and nothing but good times in store once you decide you want to spin. We had a blast with this, and think that it’s a nice and welcome touch. They’re not the only site to do this to be sure, as we have noted elsewhere, but they really got it right here, and it all happens seamlessly without much effort on your part.

Pick, spin, and enjoy! You can’t bet real money that way of course, but it’s a great way to try things for free.

Active Casino Blog

There’s a lot going on in the online slot world, and it’s hard for even us to keep track of it all! One bonus of this site is that there’s an active blog going on that will keep you up to date with everything that’s going on online when it comes to winning money. Even some of the sports stuff makes its way in here to keep you ahead of the curve if you’re into sports betting like us!

Open Casino Forums

You can tell that people really love this site because there are real people there really talking about it! Read people’s experiences from the players themselves before jumping in, see social proof that people win, and see which games you may want to avoid if they gave players trouble. Making an account is free and tied together with all else, taking only minutes. It’s a great way to meet fellow people into all this stuff too, as it can feel lonely playing all these games online when it’s just you!

Friendly Live Dealer Casino

If the static and computer looking online slot games aren’t for you, then you can sit back and pretend to be in Vegas with a real life dealer! You have to be sure to get in on a time when they’re doing it, but it’s so frequent that we felt we had a harder time not finding when it was going on. You can play real games with real people and win real money alongside them, and in some cases, even take theirs. Enjoy and be merry online with fellow gamblers!

Many Deposit Methods

No matter your currency, you can have a way to play and pay here. The usual suspects are present here, including: MasterCard, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, EcoCard, Neteller, Visa, and of course Ukash. Bitcoin’s here too, and we love them all.

Cash Out Quick

Want to take your money and run? They won’t stop you! The transfer happen as soon as you make them. No BS or waiting around for help or things like that. Unless your bank is a slow poke, you’ll get it right quick like we did, in all regions supported!

Frequent Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments and Promotions

Bitcoin soon became our favorite currency, particularly online. If you like paying with it, then you’re in luck! It’s the preferred payment method of the site, and keeps everything public and transparent so nobody gets ripped off. There’s even a nice guide to get you started, and sign up bonuses apply here too!

All Day Casino Help

We hate to admit it, but we tend to use support a lot. Sometimes and most of the time it’s because we were just being dumb, but it’s nice to have someone there to help and be the adult in the situation. Don’t feel bad, they’re here for you! Chat and email at any time, and even call.

Best in Class Casino Affiliate

If you want to promote the site and get some money for it, they’ve got a plan for that too! Tied to your account and paying very fairly, this is one of the better promotional programs on the net. Even use the money to gamble more and have a great time with the help of those you recommended!

Exciting Casino Bookie

If you’re into sports betting and events like that, you’ve found your new home! They handle all of that here too, leaving you no need to go anywhere else and nothing left to do but place your money down. You can bet on more than just sports, but those are our favorites, and it makes games more exciting to us to have skin in the game. We even did it while playing slots on the same site! It’s like we were gambling while we were gambling, which is the best way to gamble.