Vegas 7 Casino

We’re big fans of going to Vegas, as is everyone we’ve met, but there are compelling reasons that doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. You have to travel there, it’s expensive, you have certain hours you can play, it takes time, and all manner of things that add up to use being gambling addicts that unfortunately don’t gamble there as much as we would like. This all changed when we were offered the virtual version of their casinos, however, which ended up being as good or better than the real thing!

From any device you can find and on a stable internet connection, you can enjoy everything that makes Vegas great, sans the hookers and deviant elements of it, though those are also just a web browser away. You can play games that are as good or better than the real slots you’d see in Las Vegas, play cards and the rest just like a prime time gambler, and enjoy it all from the comfort of your couch or even playing while on the can. It’s the best and brightest way of winning money and enjoying that culture that we’ve found, and best of all, you can order your own cheap booze without having to pay the massive prices of the drinks they give you at the casino!

If you’re a fellow gambling fan like us that would love to live the Vegas life more often and wants to do it on your own terms on the cheap, this site is for me and you!

Casino Promotions Better than Vegas

Despite loving Vegas quite a bit, there’s not much in the way of rewards when you go there. You put down your money, usually a lot of it, you play, and that’s about it. Nothing too big to that, though we wish it were a little more inviting. This site takes care of that, giving you 30-100% bonuses when you make your first three deposits, with a max of $375, which goes a long way to helping usher in new players! It’s literally free money to throw at the slots and tables you see, which we know you’re going to do anyway, and that money has real implications for your winnings! We won more than our first deposit with the money from that bonus alone. It’s a great way to get started and gamble on their dollar, though to get the most out of it, you’ll have to time it just right and put in the maximum amount for each deposit. This requires some math to figure out, but you’re all more than capable of doing that!

Real Online Casino Games for Free!

This is something it definitely has an edge with in terms of comparing itself to Vegas. You would be laughed out of the building if you tried to go to Vegas and ask for a free round or spin. Laughed at hard too! Here, however, you can play any of the slots you’d like without needing to put down any real money, and even go as far as playing the more advanced games without that or an account as well. If you’ve ever wanted to just casually play and try all of this online gambling stuff if you’re nervous, it’s a great way to jump in and get started in our book!

Casino Slots Like on the Strip

Vegas slots definitely have their charm, part of which is the outlandish themes involved with many of them. Most all we’ve ever played in person are met or beat by the ones we find online here, however! You can enjoy things like these with movie themes, Aztec trappings, and things you’d never have imagined would make it into slot form. They pulled out all the stops here, and made this the primary feature of the site. Money you put down works on all the games they have to offer, but there are plenty of slots for you to enjoy so you won’t have to worry about anything getting in your way while playing them.

We put down lots of money and admittedly put it all into the slots, so we’re glad to have such a high quality and lengthy list of games to try it all out on! It’s a real gem.

Casino Games with Nice Variety

These things are mostly designed to facilitate online slot play, but that hasn’t stopped this fine site from pulling out more of the stops and adding in more types, however! You can play cards, dice, and anything you’d find in Vegas really, sans running for your life from a pimp you accidentally stiffed. It’s a nice thing to be able to enjoy all of this stuff online and no longer have the need to travel to do it!

We were introduced to many forms of online gambling here, and think many players should use their ample sign up bonuses to explore and see what all this site has to offer online. It’s a wonderful way to see what else is out there in the online gambling world, and one you can do while using the free money you’re given for just giving the site the smallest of chances.

Every Online Casino Games for Real Money!

This is what we’re all here for of course folks! All the many features and games across the site can be enjoyed, cherished, and profited from for real money like the good lord of winnings intended. You can put down things in increments of your choosing, take your deposits and winnings all over the site to other games if you’re feeling that, and anything you’d like. Many a fortune has been made on this long standing site, which has been around since 2003, back when online gambling was somewhat illegal in many regions! It’s all up and up now, but this place has been handling money with trust for years, and you can trust it with yours to win real money in your off hours.

Casino Software by Microgaming

Microgaming is no stranger to the online slot space. They’re known for simple and fast paced games that are focused on the winnings and pay out potential. We had a blast going through them all, and are happy to see them as the primary slot provider. They’re a trusted name in the industry, paying out fairly and frequently, and doing so at a decent enough pace to keep anyone interested. When you add in the bonus features usually seen on these games, you’ve got a wonderful suite of software at your disposal to play long into the night without worrying about getting any of your winnings.

Casino Blog with Vegas Flair

Keeping to the theme of the site, the updates and news section comes together like it’s telling you about the latest shows and related things on the Vegas Strip. We found this to be the best way to follow along with all the updates and additions to the site that seem to happen frequently, and it’s fun enough to read that you won’t feel depressed when you see an update for it in your email. You’ll enjoy all kinds of funny jokes and prime deals if you can get to them in time, making this something to follow on the site if you’re looking to keep up with what all’s going on!

Embraces USA / Australia / Canada / Europe Players

Although Vegas itself is in the US, since this site’s being going since 2003, they’ve gotten along well enough to figure out letting everyone in on the fun! The world over can come and join in on the goods here. Everything plays just as well in all regions, and they accept enough payment methods that you’re sure to find something familiar and enticing here that works to give and get your amazing amounts of money.

We’re in the US ourselves in making this review, being Vegas fans, but anyone’s welcome. We have a hard time believing many regions aren’t able to play here, but on select games if that’s the case, you’ll be told and there won’t be any ambiguity about that.

New Slots in the Lineup

Vegas has a large collection of slots to be sure, but many of them haven’t changed in years. They’ll modify them from time to time to brush the dust off, but it’s the same old thing time and again. Not here!

In this version of Vegas, since slots are all digital, they’re added to frequently, all from Microgaming of course. This makes for a fun mix of some of the best in the business, and since the site goes all the way back to 2003, you can find many franchises that flowered on the site and go back to play their roots with the very same deposit. Anything here will make you smile, but it makes us smile even more to know that if you hang around long enough you’ll be able to enjoy fresh and new games!

Great Performing Casino App

Although we love the web portal and all that it entails, you can enjoy this on your device with a dedicated app from your local app store! This site performs well on mobile for that reason, most of the games even being formatted with that in mind. It’s a big game changer to have a native version that’s tailored for your own operating system and device, and it all plays a little smoother in our experience than trying it on the web. Not that the web still isn’t great and doesn’t work, but the mobile sites and the mobile apps in our experience are by far the ways to go if your’e looking to pay and play on the Vegas of the internet.

Casino Bookie Just Like the Real Vegas!

Although it’s a bit underground, betting with a bookie has been going on in Vegas since the dawn of the place. They likely showed up before the town itself! The fights and main events tend to go on there all the time, making for a nice showing for the bookies back in the day. Now, you can bet on anything at all, having sports betting the world over available to you the moment you’d like to lay down on a line. It’s very neatly organized, impeccably put together, and all from the comfort of your palm or lap.

We love betting on our local sports teams, but you can bet on things all over if you’d like. This is partly due to people from all over the world betting on things on the site since they accept players that range far and wide. Note, however, that enough people have to be betting on something to get a return, so don’t expect to find too many hyper obscure things picking up much traction if you don’t get into promoting it on the forum or social media! Their affiliate program helps a lot with this.

Casino Forums Just like a Vegas Lounge

We joined just to get some recommendations on how the site works and the best games to play. What we found blew us away, however! Fellow players and Vegas fans were flocking here in droves to tell each other what’s up and how they best like to play. It’s a great place to get tips on the hottest new slots, how to place a line on something you’re unsure of, or get tips on which of the new slots are worth putting your hard earned money down on.

Making an account is easy, though you can browse around to see tips and things like this without needing to do anything of the kind. We love this part of the site, and even met a few friends that happened to be from our area! It’s great, though you should exercise caution when browsing the internet full of strange people and even stranger things.

Live Dealer Casino that Rival the Strip

Although we love the net, part of the thrill of Vegas is having a live dealer there telling you what’s up and staring you down on the table. They offer the best you can get to that here, having a good time of it too with all the banter you’d expect from a dealer in a real casino. You have to make sure the hours are right, and it’s mostly a web app thing, but you’ll love taking part in this and putting your sign up bonuses to good use.

Cash Out with Style

Since this site’s been around since the early 2003 days and there’s nothing on it that would get in the way of their experience, you can use the many transaction methods they deal with to put your money where your mouth is after a quick trip to your digital bank account! Pretty much everything here is accepted and according pays out real quick. We had no issues, and you can cash out with ease without any odd restrictions or second guessing. Your money is indeed yours for the taking whenever you’d like to enjoy your winnings!

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments and Promotions Unlike the Vegas We Know!

As great as Vegas is, they don’t offer you any incentives to start gambling, other than a sexy waitress waiting on that particular table. Here, they love Crypto so much that they’re pretty much going to pay you to use it! They save money when you do, and it’s all fast and secure, so they pass that savings onto you the player when you sit down to play. There’s a reason people are all over Bitcoin, and sites like this show why it’s a big hit in the online gambling world!

Vegas Style Tournaments!

Vegas is famous for some of the liveliest tournaments around, bringing in players from all over the world to enjoy fast paced games and high stakes betting. The same thing goes on here, only without having to fly out and book a hotel! You can play with and against fellow players in a variety of venues almost all the time based on what’s going on with the current scheduling. The blog is a great thing to follow in this sense, keeping you ahead of when tournaments are coming and going, and all manner of things of that nature that you can enjoy.

We love these, and found ourselves soon addicted to taking the hard earned money of our fellow players will being placed on a leaderboard for all to see!

Unlike Vegas, Play Without Registration

One thing we wish Vegas itself would do is allow us to just walk in and try games for free without any hassle or fuss. They do that here, and on top of that, you don’t even have to make an account! If you head to the site right now at the time of this writing, or download their app on your local device, you can enjoy all the games in an instant, or as fast as your internet can muster! We had a blast just trying things in this fashion, though we did make an account of course to put down real money. You can’t win big if you don’t make one of those fancy accounts, but if you’re just window shopping, by all means do it with their consent!

Casino Help That Won’t Bounce You!

Our only experience asking for help in a Vegas casino was going up to a bouncer and getting kicked out. Here, you can know that they’re on your side, are very friendly, and speak a variety of languages! Their support service rivals the biggest and best of them, having no down time or delays to deal with of any kind. We really enjoy talking with them as we made our review, and would go back to them for help or guidance if we were at all lost, or just to chat.

Universal Deposit Methods are Accepted

Being around since 2003, anything you can think of is probably accepted on this site if they don’t hate online gambling sites. These include most of the big players, which round about include: Bank Wire Transfer, Entropay, Euteller, EziPay, InstaDebit, Maestro, MasterCard, Neosurf, Neteller, Nordea, PaySafeCard, Postepay, Skrill, Ticket Premium, Trustly, U-Net, UseMyFunds, Visa Electron, Visa, Webmoney, eKonto, eps, giro pay, and iDeal. These will likely grow over time, so if you have something new that came out after this review, it’s probably accepted too.

Casino Payouts that Rival Vegas

Vegas is known for a lot of great and wonderful things, but big winners is probably not one of them. We don’t personally know of anyone that won a large jackpot in Vegas or anything of that kind. You hear stories, but it’s always a little bit of a win here and a little bit of a less there. Here, you have your payouts up front and guaranteed, so you know you’re going to walk away a little happier and a little richer if you put in enough time. Like all Microgaming offerings, they’re all fair and verified and you can trust that you’re not playing a rigged box like you might find in the shadier parts of the Strip itself.

We’re got stories, believe us...

Casino Affiliate Program that Could Put Vegas to Shame

Vegas itself of course needs no promoter, but this site will pay you to help spread the word and the web winnings cheer! We had a fun time learning about it and told a few of our friends, which got us some bonuses and a lot of nice things that we could put to use while gambling. You won’t find anything out of the ordinary here when it comes to the program, being pretty standard overall, but more than worth it if you’d like to get some free money for recommending the site to friends.

Rewards at like a King

The biggest reward bonuses in Vegas are likely from staying in the hotels themselves. Given how expensive they are, they’re more than needed! Here, however, you don’t have to pay any hefty fees like that, but are still shown a lot of appreciation for your time and loyalty to the place and the program. We found that any time we happened upon the site it seemed like we were winning in some form, even if it was just logging in and making a deposit. You can use all of these across their ever growing catalog, and don’t have to worry about it being reserved for use on any particular avenue of the site. Whether you love the slots or sports betting, your rewards are yours to put wherever you feel they’d be best invested!

Mobile Casino (iPad/Android/iPhone) That’s Great

We love playing on our phones all day, which given how popular social media has become, we think is true of many people. In that precise style, you can now enjoy the site as well! Whether going there through your mobile web browser or making it there through the dedicated app tailor made to your device, the site and all it’s offerings work completely fine on your mobile device, being a complete mobile casino on the go that’s like taking Vegas around with you in your pocket.

Most of the time we have invested here was on the site, and although it works on pretty much all major devices, it supports english as the primary language for things, so that’s something to keep in mind.