VegasRush Casino

Although they are a very new player to the space, this site has a lot going for it, and is getting big very quickly! With a welcome bonus that is up there with the best of them at 250% all the way up to $1000 for your first deposit, in addition to combining some of the biggest gambling software backers in the entire industry, this is soon be coming to site to beat, and has a growing following online. You won't find a lot of the usual things you find on other sites, such as being focused entirely on slots, but you will still find plenty to do here that is fun, unique, and interesting. Which is not to say there are not many slot machine games to play here, because there are! Our main point, however, is that they go well beyond that, on into other game genres.

You can play games from Vegas just like you would if you were out there on the Las Vegas strip itself, on without having to spend all the time to coordinate the effort to get there. They have a huge online following that feels the same, coming together for tournaments and live games all the time. You can tell that these are all people that would be itching to go to a place like Las Vegas, but are having a fun time doing what they can from home. There is nobody around here that has a slouch, everyone sticking together and playing for long stretches!

If you would like to hop in to this site, it is also easier to do than ever because they do not require you to make an account to try any of the games, and you can also play many of them for free! This of course has the drawback that you will not be able to earn money from the games that you play for free, but it is a great way to see what everything there looks like, how it all works, and to become more comfortable with everything before you get in too deeply. We love this part about the site above all else, and think that it's a perfect way to get started!

Casino Software that Rivals Vegas

We will assume that many people reading a review like this are already well and aware of all of the big players in the online gambling space. For those that are unaware, however, there are a few major software backers that tend to be the biggest and the best, being trusted and looked to you to set the standard online for how gambling should go. Two of the biggest names like this are Betsoft, and rival game. They are going head to head all the time, running neck and neck for the title spot, and honestly, run about even when compared to one another.

Here, unlike many sites, you will find both of these huge backers on the same venue! This is a very rare thing, as are usually being rivals in the gaming space, if you can pardon our pond! The fact that you can play from both software providers on one website, and share your winnings and your common sign-up bonuses between them, is a very big deal that many jaded slot goers will appreciate.

And if you would like to know why these are the big backers in the industry that everybody loves it looks to for guidance, you can find out very quickly by giving them a few free spins. They all offer higher than necessary production values, intricate betting mechanics, accessible ways of betting on anything you would like, and at times fun little bonus games that you can play on top of all of that. If there's anything better out there, we haven't seen it!

Casino Bookie for All!

If you are new to the world of online gambling and you have never tried the latest and greatest craze, you are in for a treat! You can now participate in sports betting here, all without having to figure out the odds or anything of that nature. You can see how it all works at a glance, it being all automatically calculated for you, and accessible enough that it will leave no ambiguity as to how it all works. You don't even have to know how the sports themselves or place a bet on them! It's a wonderful world we live in now.

This is far and away one of our favorite features about this website. We certainly love all online gambling, but had very limited experience when I came to betting on sporting events. We weren't sure how it all works, and all of that quite frankly seem kind of shady to us. This site change our mind about that, however, and we will forever be in their debts!

Casino Slots of that are Endless

Websites like these have a somewhat large catalog of online games you can play, most of them being slot machines as you would expect. Those are very easy to run on the Internet, and even easier to play! There's never anything to figure out, it all works very well. The main drawback to sites like those, however, are the very limited catalog some of them have. You could easily play all of them within a few days, and then that leaves nothing else for you to do!

On a site like this, however, because they bring together two of the biggest names in online gambling, their catalog is basically endless. You won't find another site quite like this one around, very few people have been successfully pulling together these two big names. You could even say they are rivals!

As we will come to as well, they update their catalog all the time, so you're going to find new things here are very frequently. It's hard to get bored even if he stuck with just that part of the website, and it quickly became one of our most frequented sections!

Casino Games of All Sorts

We certainly fell in love with all my slot machine games that you will find around here, but there's also much more to do if you ever grow bored of their seemingly limitless catalog of those! No matter what you want to do, much like Las Vegas itself, you can probably do it here. They have pretty much every single game you would ever find in a place like the Las Vegas strip, and they're all just as fun to play on the Internet as they are in person. You don't have to worry about higher than average drink prices, either, or snooty waitresses getting in your way.

If you like Roulette, you can have a blast playing that. If you like cards, you can rest a sure that they have all of the most popular card games around, although that mostly means poker and blackjack! Pretty much everything that you want to do in Las Vegas you can do here, many of these games having a live dealer element to them as well, as well as massive tournaments but you likely won't find in Las Vegas outside of a big event!

The Best Online Casino Games for Real Money!

Much like the real Vegas, you can put down your life savings here and blow it all in a single day! Or, you can end up a huge millionaire with in a half an hour. It's all about your luck and what's going on at the time, as well as careful betting and things of that nature. You can make deposits here and have it all flow just as quickly as it would in Las Vegas, technically even faster because you don't need to use paper money! They also except a wide variety of deposit methods, so you won't have any worries there, either.

You can play most of these games for free if you would like, but we recommend putting down real money so you can get real winnings and have a really good time! We would hate to be the only ones.

Casino Promotions That Rock

One thing Las Vegas definitely is not famous for is having promotions. They're mostly known for taking your money, and as fast as they could possibly get it! It's probably very expensive to run all those hotels, and those dancers don't come cheap! Because this is the website, however, the overhead is much lower, and they have much more reason for you to receive some of the benefits that they are getting from frequent players.

Many of these, as you would expect, or themed around the holidays. Some of them are also themed around new games that come out, or particular games in general that are becoming popular. The even sometimes have some of them go on surrounding tournaments, and thinks of that cunt. We really enjoyed this aspect of the site, and it made us feel valued as players and want to come back more often!

Online Casino Games Plaid for Free!

The biggest gripe most people have about sites like these is that they just want to play the slots but they don't actually want to bet any money. With a site like this, however, you don't have to worry about any of that! You can jump into virtually anything that they have here, except for the live games and the tournaments, and play essentially for fun! With how fun these games tend to be, and the high production value as you will see in them, this is actually a pretty decent time compared to pretty much anything you would find anywhere else. We can see many of these holding up without betting mechanics at all, although that does make them a little more interesting!

Try anything you see before you put on your money, and take out any of the worry you have about how the game works.

Casino Blog that's Funny

Personally enjoy it when companies reach out into the open and inject a little bit of humor into the air. It makes them seem like they are run by real people, and make us feel a lot safer about trusting them with things like our money on the Internet. The blog here is just such a thing, them clearly being players themselves, and all that that entails! If you are familiar with the games that they are talking about, you will enjoy the many references that they make to them, as well as this in general being a very useful thing to follow. This is the best place to find out about their latest rewards, promotions, and things of that kind. It's not a chore to read, which makes it easier, and overall, this is very well done!

Casino App that Just Works

We have tried many of the online casino apps that are available in a wide variety of app stores on and even wider variety of devices. Most of them, quite frankly, suck, and they're not worth your time. They don't run well, they don't look good, they're hard to figure out, and some of them might even be Russian spies trying to take your money! Here, however, you can know and trust that this is the service made by real people given how they talk very frequently on the form and the blog, and the app itself runs and looks great without a single hitch. It even integrates itself with your common payment methods on your device, leaving you no reason not to get into the action immediately, and being more well-suited to your particular brand of device that something like a mobile browser.

Accepts USA / Australia / Canada / Europe Players Across the Land

One of the main downsides of Las Vegas is that it is hard to get there from all over the world. If you were in Europe or Canada, for example, let alone Australia, you have to organize your entire life around the trip, it takes some time, and you spend a lot of money just trying to get there that you easily could have used to bet online. Here, they take people from all over the globe, inviting them all to come together in a happy gambling unison and they had some kind of money winning Nirvana! You will find very few few areas around here that are not open on the site, even the free play games being given free access to buy most people. We would be surprised to hear that many people could not play here, and if you're the kind of person that couldn't figure it out, then you likely aren't reading this either!

Tournaments Fast and Fun

Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest gambling tournaments around, but they are very infrequent, have a very long and involved registration process, and will leave many people out of the dust. None of that happens here, however! You don't have to worry about any of that around these parts, the tournament being as easy to get into as it is to make an account. This is one of the few things you actually need an account for on this site, as without real money, you will be unable to participate in any of the meaningful ones. Still, however, these are fun additions to the online gambling scene that we hope to see more of in the future. Not many sites offer things like these, and we hope that with the success of this more recent site putting them at the forefront, that this will change!

Most Big Deposit Methods are Accepted

This site is very new, and as you would expect, accepts the latest and greatest in all online transaction methods. They kept things simple and focused on the major credit card providers, bank transfer, and bitcoin, but it still is plenty in our book to keep us going. You will be able to figure them all out very easily if you would like to use one you are unfamiliar with, as they have a very helpful guide on the site to walk you through it. The complete list of payment methods that they take around here are as follows: bank wire transfer, Bitcoin/BTC, MasterCard, and the wonderful Visa.

Casino Payouts are Big!

Many people head out to Las Vegas because they want to hit giant a jackpot that will let them retire early. These are legendary, and very few people ever get them. Most people very rarely win it all, and all of that gets somewhat depressing after a while, which is probably why they serve so much alcohol there. Around here, however, thanks to the software backers putting things together on this site, you have a guaranteed return rate that is more than fair. These tend to average about 96% on the slot machine games, though when it comes to things like cards, that's really all about luck and skill, so it's hard to put a number to that.

This is another reason people love the big software providers in online gambling, as they ensure that everything is going to happen in a fair and equitable way. You won't have to worry about getting short changed here, everything always going happening at a good pace, and you will very rarely have a bad run where are you did not win at least something! We obviously can't ensure you will win a specific amount, but the site itself because of the software and sure is that it will be fair. That's the only reason everybody loves them!

Casino Forums Full of Fun Folks

The forums that they have on this website have to be some of the best we have ever seen! This is really not the site itself's doing, as they can't really control who gets into things here. Because they take people from all over the world, however, they have a very eclectic group of individuals that are very fun to talk to, and get tips from online. Each and everyone of them is a gambling die hard, being just as addicted to things as you are, if not more so. We had a really fun time talking to all of them, and they're genuine enthusiasm for the site really shows how well it is run!

We also thought that it was nice that it was very easy to make an account to get talking to people immediately. This is an easy and useful way to coordinate efforts in tournaments, find out what the latest promotions are that you may not have heard about, and keep ahead of all the rewards that they frequently have, so you can get the most out of your play time.

Cash Out Fast and Furious

One thing that Vegas itself is known for is that when you win a lot of money there, it can sometimes be a nightmare to get out of there. Sometimes they put restrictions on how much you can take out at once, we've heard rare stories about them taking your winnings, and things of that nature. Here, however, everything happens electronically, and if you have a deposit method like bitcoin, the transfers are instantaneous! Everything is transparent, fair, and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to cashing out immediately and getting your hard earned money into your bank account or wherever you would like to keep it.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments and Promotions that Work

It is no secret that they want you to use bitcoin as the primary transaction method around here! Many things on the site are geared towards that, and operate most efficiently if you do. You can have a lot of fun with the many bonuses that they give you for this, which can sometimes include free spins, money to put on the table, and deposit bonuses that are similar to the welcome bonus, but not quite as big. The deposit bonus here is already quite generous, this one being a nice set of icing on the cake. If you don't understand how any of that works, either, they have useful guides to get you started as well.

Casino Affiliate Program We Use

If you happen to enjoy the site enough, much like many of the users on the very active forums, you can earn a little bit of extra money and some free spins for telling people about it! Much like many of the other websites like these on the Internet, if you decide to spread the good word about it, people could use your affiliate link or code and it will be linked back to you so the website knows. There are various forms of payment, reward, and promotions for this, all of which are quite rare, and we are very thankful for!

We really enjoyed sharing things on the Internet, which this review was clearly a testament to. The fact that we could get paid to do something we already probably would have done anyway it is nice to hear, and it helps go along way to find our online gambling efforts. If you are the kind of person that is in the online gambling but knows very few people that are as well, this would be a good way to make your play time for you by telling all your friends about the website you found here!

Play Without Registration for Quick Fun

You do not even have to stop and make an account on the website like this! If you see a game, you can start spinning it immediately, and see if it's to your liking. If it's not, you have lost no money, I have put very little effort into any of it. You don't have to check your email for anything, or really do anything at all, other than just click and spin and have a good time. This is clearly the fastest way to test out the site, and one that anyone that has taken the time to get to this point in the reviews should go and try immediately. It's the best and quickest way to find out what the website is like, or if you would enjoy particular game!

New Slots Updated Regularly

The size and number of the game on this site is already off the charts. The fact that they frequently add to it only makes it even better, and they already have a growing number of updates despite the website that having not been around for all that long! You can see things here happening more frequently then you will find the other website, the games updating and adding to the pile all the time, and often at player request!

If you like any of the big software backers on this website like rival gaming, this is a great place to find some of the best and newest games immediately. The blog on the website itself will also tell you when you gifts are added, and only on very rare occasion are older games removed. We recommend you play any game that you want as far as often as you can for that reason, as technically it may not be around forever, even if you happened to grow too fond of it!

Live Dealer Casino with Living People

One thing about Vegas that it usually has going for itself over online versions of it are that you have real people that're playing in real time. This website acknowledges that, and it added a live dealer feature that makes it all just as fun as being there itself! You compete with real people, in real time, and win the kind of real money that everybody goes into these things looking to get out. You don't have to jump through any hoops or do anything fancy to make it work, either. As long as you have a computer with a stable Internet connection, or a mobile device, you can probably make it work, and with very little effort.

Casino Help for You with Personalization

Anytime you have an issue on this website, rest assured that you are not alone! They have a wonderful support staff that is seemingly always around to help you with any issue you may encounter. If you even just want some tips on which games to play, they are also a good source for that as well, although we don't recommend bugging them for any old thing! They are friendly, fast, and fun to talk to, and a perfect way to figure anything out if you are having any issues.

Rewards for Playing

It is a rare thing when one of these websites reward you simply for playing! The more time you spend on the site, and the more things you do, the more opportunities you have to be rewarded. You can be given free money to use on the boards, free spins, and various other perks, such as being given extra deposit bonuses when you use a service like bitcoin. They really do their best to reward you at every turn, although it happens in a way very similar to gambling on a slot machine itself. It's likely helps to make the site addicting, and we understand why they do it!

Mobile Casino (iPad/Android/iPhone) that Runs like Silk

If you were accessing this website from my mobile device, or playing it on one of the native apps from the iPhone or android App Store, you will be able to enjoy this game on the go just as well as you would if you were at a computer. It's the full version of the website, right down to most of the features that you would use, and happens in a way that is tailored right to your device!