Silver Edge Casino

Silver Edge Casino
There are plenty of casinos out there that have all of the features, many of the games, and plenty of things to do there just like this one. Few have ever managed to bring it together in as nice or clean of a way as they’ve managed to do here, however! Anywhere you look on this site, you’ll see a nice mix of games and tables and all manner of things to bet on and receive ample profits in return. There’s nothing we can think of that they’ve left out here, being a complete and compelling package that’s worthy of the silver name in the title. Although this place hasn’t been around long, it’s sure to stay around a while with how well done it all is!

The main headlining feature you’ll find around this place is the welcome bonus, which goes all the way up to 400% times the deposit you make! That’s huge by any standard, though you’ll be limited by your benefits if you’re on the timid side. Still, it’s a great reason to get started in a big way because you know they’ll be coming back to you in spades and giving you free money to gamble with.

Anyone on the fence about online gambling will have more than a decent time here. Backed by Betsoft, a leading player in online gambling, taking players from all walks of life and backgrounds and playing with more deposit methods than you’ll see on most sites, it’s hard not to have a good time here, and easy to get lost in what all you’ll find around here!

Casino Slots That Are Almost Gold

Silver’s the title of the game, but we have to say that the fine Betsoft selection they have around here is absolute gold. They did an ample job of bringing together some of their best games, and have a lot to say when it comes to picking ones with character and features. You of course won’t find everything from their catalog here, but you’ll find enough things to see that you’ll be kept interested for a long time to come, and never have any hint of boredom coming your way no matter how long you play.

We think that this site itself probably has the greatest hits from the software platform itself, making it the best play to play Betsoft games old and new on the net. They even have the games that go way back into the catalog that manage to stand the test of time and hold up pretty well. All around, it’s a nice place to gamble, and you’re in for a good time if you’re willing to give them a sliver of a chance here!

Casino Games like Fine Dining

We’re doing our best to make silver puns here, but it’s hard! The games here are great though. They spent a lot of time picking things that range far outside of your normal slots that you’ll see on most sites, having a huge catalog of greats that include a bunch of nice features that you’ll fall in love with in short order. We personally got quite addicted to the sports betting side of the site, for example, and one of our friends that we referred to the site spent a lot of time in the card related areas. There’s something for everyone here, nothing but upsides to the things that you’ll see, and nothing we can say to knock the effort they clearly put into their selection.

The only thing you could say about the selection here that’s a possible downside is that it is still heavily leaned towards featuring and offering slots. You won’t see many new additions to the other types of games overtime, but to us, that’s all fine and dandy. We’re good, and we don’t mind that most of the games happen to be our favorites!

Enjoy Splendid Online Casino Games for Real Money!

Silver’s the backing of many major currencies even today, so it’s no surprise that in an online gambling site of the same name, you can put down your own version of silver and let it ride! You don’t have to be daunted by overly high betting amounts or getting in over your head around here. They have a lot of say in what goes into the betting thanks to the ample Betsoft backing the site has, so you can bet as little as you feel comfortable with, or go as high as you’d like and see just how far you can push it!

When you add to that the various free spins that are given out like candy, you’ll be spinning forever and racking up the points that are made of real money when you decide it upon yourself to cash out and enjoy all of your winnings.

Casino Promotions Varying Far and Wide

The big sign up bonus we mentioned is definitely the best among the bunch, rolling in at 400%, but it’s definitely not the only thing you’ll find around here of worth or note. They have taken it upon themselves to push things to the limit, offering you bonuses for deposits, signing up, giving away free spins and free chips, and ringing in the holiday cheer whenever they happen to get an excuse. They even do that for Valentine’s Day, and we all know that holiday is made up. You get reload bonuses as well, making it fun to put in even more money than you already laid down and see just how much you can rack up before you even make a spin!

All of this tends to amount to free money, and we wouldn’t put it past anyone for going in big with their first signup after taking some time to preview the majority of games in a free to play mode on their own time.

Real Online Casino Games Can Also Be Plaid for Free!

Even if you’d like to win big and are more than willing to put down the money for it, we still recommend trying out many of the games without putting any real money down first just so you can get a feel for them. They offer quite a bit here for anyone to enjoy, and have little in the way of getting in your way when you’d like to jump in. You aren’t even strictly required to have an account to see what it’s all about here, being able to spin at any slot before even making a registration attempt.

You can obviously not participate in tournaments and the things we find most fun on the site like Sports Betting if you don’t take the time to do that, but there’s a lot to be had here on the cheap, and it doesn’t get any cheaper than free itself!

Casino Software by Betsoft

We were happy to see that Betsoft was chosen are the software platform that provides most of the games you’ll find around here. They’re known for having really nice graphics and plenty of gameplay mechanics that keep things interesting if you’re willing to take a chance and give things a spin. This is also why you’re able to play without registering or for free if you just want to see what they’ve accomplished here. Betsoft is a trusted name in the slot world and there’s a reason so many people list it as one of the top slot providers alongside big names like fellow Rival Gaming and Microgaming. If you want games with a little meat to them and not just 3 reel affairs that fly by as quickly as you can look at them, Betsoft is the software of choice for that.

Casino Blog That’s of Silver Quality

We admittedly don’t care too much about online news and things of that nature, so we care even less about keeping up with the blogs of most casino sites like this one. Given how much is going on with the signup bonuses and things like that, however, and the promotions that are going on and changing all the time, we do recommend keeping on eye on this one whenever you go back so you can see what’s up and how you can double or triple your money when you make a deposit.

The writing here isn’t all that great, but that’s really not the point now is it? You can find out where to put your money down and when by simply visiting here, which is why we recommend it easily to most people so they can keep up with what’s going on.

Silver Rated Casino App

Everything here completely works on the site itself without the need for registering or anything like that. If you want a more involved experience, however, you’re going to have to jump into the nitty gritty of things and download their tailor made app for your mobile device. We personally played most of the site in this mode, and preferred it by far to the website itself.

It’s available in most major app stores, and across iOS and Android devices. We’re not sure about a Windows Phone version, but we’re also not sure anybody actually buys those anyway. You can find it now and download it for free, but you’ll of course need to register and put in some money if you’d like to place real bets and things of that nature! This part of the site mainly handles the slots, but we imagine that’s most of what people do around here anyway.

Casino Bookie with a Silver Tongue!

Most people have little experience with online gambling, and don’t even know it exists. It’s our little secret that we share with people all the time, and make money doing so alongside that through various affiliate things that we’ll get to. More than simple online gambling like slots, however, most people also dono’t know that you can bet on sporting events online to your heart’s content! It makes the games and matches you enjoy far more interesting to look at because you know that you’ve got skin in the game for how it all turns out in the end.

We were a little perplexed with how it all worked in the beginning, but found it all to be easy and intuitive thanks to the way they made the FAQ and how it’s all designed. You can even jump in without knowing what’s up with online Sports Betting and figure it all out by just seeing what’s on the menus and how that’s all organized. You’ll be betting on lines in minutes, and with the big deposit bonus, you can use your free money to ease the burden and worry of what’s all going on here!

Silver Plates for USA / Australia / Canada / Europe Players

Everyone across the planet is welcome to gamble here! Asians likely have restrictions in their regions, particularly if you’re in China, but if you’re anywhere else, chances are you’ll be given a chance to play around here. Free to play games are for people from all over in most cases, so this restriction mainly comes and applies to people that want to put down real money. This includes the Sports betting sections of the site, which are among the most popular and frantic when it comes to getting a good payout from!

One benefit that you get from having people from all over as well is that the forum has people from just as many countries as you’ve seen on a map, and you can into it with people in regions you’ve never heard of! We found out a lot about geography just from that, and have new friends from all over the world as a result.

New Slots Frequently Dropped In

Betsoft is a company that has no shortage of things to play, drawing on their ample catalog that seems to grow by the day. Thankfully, around here, you get the new games too, and can use all your winning and deposit bonuses to play it any time you’d like! You can check back in quickly on the blog to see what’s new, or just look on the filters and find the new stuff at the top if you set that up for yourself.

We love that there’s more than just what you see on the roster upon your first visit. It keeps things fun and fresh to come back to the site to see things showing up and give them a try. Most all slots can of course be played for free so you don’t have to worry about it not working or being confused when you stop on by to see how it all works. Many of the games have similar mechanics, so you won’t see entirely new genres popping in, but you will still appreciate just how hard they tried here to keep things fun and interesting.

Casino Forums Full of World Travelers

As they accept people from everywhere you can imagine, you’ll find players that are full of zest and life from all over the world. You can find them all on the forum and speak to them yourself, trading gaming tips and tactics for what’s going on at the time, talk about local sports teams abroad so you can get insider information for your Sports Betting, and give yourself a silver age to make things work in your favor whenever laying down on a line.

There are also many friendly faces around there you’ll come to know if you get involved with the community. We made some friends we ended up playing with in the tournaments that are always going on, and we found the forums to be a great place to go to if you’re looking to find more folks to join in on things like that, and potentially talk trash to your friends if you end up besting them!

Cash Out for Silver Winnings

You can have your money when you want it, not when someone on the internet decides you should get it! This is a real site and the winnings are real, assuming you put things into it that are real money of course. These are of course limited by your bank or source of money that you’re transferring things too, but in most deposit and banking methods you can expect things to show up real quick and have no issues with any of them. We had no trouble when we collected our winnings, and turned them into cold hard cash very quickly after we were given a chance to cash out on the spot. It was fun, easy, and much like everything else on the site, worked flawlessly.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments and Promotions Fit For Anyone

Bitcoin is the main push of the site despite being named after Silver and things of that nature. It’s a great way to have things go quicker and smoother, and if you want to cash out quickly, this is definitely the fastest and easiest way. They all happen instantly, and it’s not at all daunting or hard to set up. We didn’t experience any problems or issues despite not using Bitcoin much and having any idea how it works in some levels, but we do know we got a nice deposit bonus for doing it, adding up to free money that we soon spent on the boards!

Live Dealer Casino that’s Fresh and Fun

With the people you meet on the forums or anything you see on the site at the time, you can play with real people in real time for real money and it’s a great way to make more friends and improve the fun. You can’t do live slots of course, but it’s all about as live as you can get. You won’t have to worry about the winnings being delayed, either, it all being integrated with the site and all else so it’ll happen just as fast as the slots and the winning you are used to.

Tournaments with Many Medals for All

If you’ve ever thought online gambling games were addictive, you haven’t tried playing them with other people! You won’t find anything boring or slow paced about these often held tournaments, going on all year round and pretty much every time of the day. The winnings here and promotions tend to make things more lucrative than playing on your own, and it’s a great way to make your online gambling time feel more social than sitting by yourself tapping your thumbs on your device.

We participated in only one, but we had a great time with it, and think it was one of the funniest things we happened to do that day.

Not Just Silver! Diverse deposit Methods are Accepted

This is a newer site beginning in 2016, so they take all the latest and greatest methods of transfer that you can find. These include: Bank Wire Transfer, Bankdraft, Bitcoin/BTC, MasterCard, Neteller, PaySafeCard, Skrill, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, and good old fashion Visa. You will get the most bang for your buck with the bitcoin options since they tie in with their promotions, but we like all of them and wish we had these things along time ago when online gambling first got started!

Casino Payouts Real and Plentiful

Of all the sites we’ve played on, partly thanks to Betsoft, this place has a lot in stored for you if you’re willing to give it a number of spins! They guarantee fairness, which you can see proved on the forums with how many people talk about what they’ve won and lost. You won’t have an edge if you don’t play the games, but if you’re willing to do that and not just window shop in free to play mode, then you’re going to find a lot coming back your way in short order!

Casino Affiliate Program of Silver Quality

We made back a lot of our money based on this alone! If you love the site and want to share that love by making other people happy and going about your business in that way, you’ll be giving cold hard cash for it, and at times more casino money if you’re prefer to get your winnings that way. If you were to add that onto the rest of what’s going on with all their sign up bonuses and promotions, then you’ll find a lot to like there which will keep even the most hardened player interested.

We didn’t think anything of the affiliate program beyond what they usually have on sites like these, but it’s good none the less.

Rewards all Around

Anytime you can get a chance to visit the site and do almost anything on it, it’s like you’re being paid for it and the time you spent. It’s a great way to have a great time in an off afternoon if you’re looking to smile, and we are continually surprised by what all they put into what you can get around here.

The promotions you find for bitcoin and the sign up bonus are definitely the biggest, but you can get paid to play if you’re a frequent gambling on the site, and various other things that are fairly inventive that you won’t find anywhere else. Free spins and other things are often thrown at you as well, sometimes for reasons we can’t figure out but are never the less happy to receive!

Mobile Casino (iPad/Android/iPhone) for All

Most people choose to play this way on the internet now, so it’s nice to see that this more recent 2016 site puts mobile first and built the experience around that. You don’t have to be tied to your computer for things any longer, being able to come and go as you’d please in line at the local market or while taking a long dump. Any time can be turned into gambling time now with this fast performing site, either through going there directly or by spending more time later on by downloading and playing it all through the natively built application.

Play Many Things Without Registration

You don’t have to jump through hoops to have a good time around here! Anyone that can see the site can play anything on it, provided you’re doing things that aren’t live or have betting involved. Most all slots are planned to work in this way thanks to Betsoft, and this is a nice way to test out a game if you’re at all worried that the return won’t be all that great, or the mechanics might be a bit complicated for your tastes. We didn’t think anything of this feature at first, but it is a nice way to quickly get going if you’re browsing the site and don’t want to take the time to check your email or anything like that.

We recommend most people start off this way, but know that you can’t go back and get real winnings unless you take the time to register on the site and receive your ample welcome bonus!

Casino Help Worthy of Players

Most sites have help that flat out sucks. Here, however, the help is amazing, and is something that is on par with the best and brightest businesses out there. This is unusual for a successful and large site like this, but we like it, and hope to see more sites beef up their support budget now that we’re all online giving them money.

You can access them in multiple ways, talk to them in various avenues, and ask them about anything you’d like, even how their day is going, or what games they would recommend if you have particular tastes or like another slot and would like to find another in the vast sea of them that you’ll find here online at all times. They also help figure out how tournaments work, and the ins and outs of payments and promotions that may be going on at the time.